QR Code - Create & Scan

    Authorized person creates QR Code using this application. Sales person scan that QR Code that product details are brought forward to Estimation.
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  • Click Sync button.
  • The application will extract data from those Excel sheet.
  • Now select your product for QR Code Generation.
  • That Product details (Brand Name, Product, Model, Features, MRP, Offer Price) are Printed as QR Code via Bluetooth Printer or any other Printer.
  • Affix this QR Code in your Product.
  • Sales Person are advised to install this application & use scan QR Code option
  • Now that Sales person get that Product Details (Brand Name, Product, Model, Features, MRP, Offer Price)
  • Then Select Estimation Option, you will Enter Customer Details (Name, Phone No...)
  • Company Name, Logo and Contact details are displayed top of the Screen
  • Then Customer details are displayed
  • After that That Particular Product details and QR Code are displayed
  • At last Sales Person (Name, Employee Id, Phone No...) Records are displayed.
  • Now you can Print this Estimation with Printer (Bluetooth Printer or any other Printer).
  • Application can be customized for Manufactures, Traders, Distributors, Advocates, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Pharmacy, FMCG etc.
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