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Rate Management:

You can add rate package for maintaining bills such as monthly bill. You can know how much you spent for each mobile for each month.

ABR Call Log is a mobile application, this application tracks the Incoming, Outgoing, Missed and No answered calls and send the details about the call such as Time of call, Duration of Call, Remote party number through GPRS to the Mobile Call Log server.

This application starts up while mobile start up, so no need to start it every time mobile start up, just enable Auto Start option in the application settings. This application runs on background, so it will not affect you normal activity.

If GPRS disabled on the SIM, It stores the call log details in the application database and send to the server whenever GPRS gets activated, so no need to worry about your loss of call log details.

The default login details for ABR Call Log mobile application is
Username: admin
Password: admin