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Real time tracking:

This feature allows to track a user real time. The phone application is installed on the Nokia Symbian S60 3rd Edition. The user has to launch the application and login to the application.

There are two types of users
i) Regular user
ii) Administrative user

Regular workers are the users who have agreed to have their location tracked by installing the ABR Smartrack application on their mobile phone. The user's location data is tracked for a minimum of 2minutes and the latitude and longitude is fetched via GPS technology and using GPRS communicated to the ABR Server.

Regular users can only log into the application, and exit from the application.
Admin users can login to the application and change the phone application settings. Some of the settings that can be changed are
a) The server information (example the IP address and the port to connect)
b) The admin username and password
c) The tracking frequency and other settings

Admin username: admin
Admin password: admin